Molecular Pathology: Life Beyond the Pandemic

Published:September 28, 2022DOI:
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      Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, Editor-in-Chief
      This fifth issue of Advances in Molecular Pathology embodies the fact that there is life in the laboratory beyond COVID-19 testing. We include articles that span the clinical applications of molecular technologies for genetic diseases, hematologic diseases, infectious diseases, pharmacogenomics, informatics, and solid tumors. I have opted not to include a “special” section on COVID-19, as we all must move past this and return to the R&D efforts of prepandemic times. This issue contains articles that discuss the latest clinical applications of molecular technologies from hereditary cancer syndromes through artificial intelligence applications in pharmacogenomics.
      I am grateful to those friends and colleagues who once again agreed to becoming section editors and authors of the fantastic articles presented here.
      Happy reading!